Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother’s Day, Here and There

Today’s San Jose Mercury News Mother’s Day edition, was devoted to stories of relationships between mothers and their children, others were on special celebrations taking place, on family traditions, and there was a plethora of guilt-invested advertisements convincing children of any age to buy mom’s love through flowers, special gifts, and meals.

Los Gatos Memorial Park announced “Mothers Day, Sunday, May 11 is to honor our Mothers and Mothers around the world.” It showed a photograph of a smiling 60ish woman dressed in white holding a bouquet of red roses in her hands.

The copy went on, “This is the day to stop, remember and visit that special person in your life…even if she is gone you will always love her.”

Then in bold, large type the cemetery suggested that the readers “Come by to visit Mom and receive a rose for her.” It did not say whether the rose is to put on her grave, or take the rose to her, but it did offer a 20% discount on “Mausoleum Crypts Singles & Doubles, rows E, F, & G to May 31, 2014.”

If only they would have extended their offer another sixteen days, it could have included fathers too, who are needed for the doubles crypts. Perhaps there will be another advertisement on June 16, Father’s Day, offering a tie for him.

Ironically, three days after Mother’s Day, we received a phone call from a saleswoman from Los Gatos Memorial Park, where a year ago we had investigated the cost of resting there. She called to say that although prices had risen since, she could give us a special discount for side-by-side plots for only $11,186, or for a double-decker for only $10,512. When asked, she proudly declared that the recent advertisement was a wonderful success. I am sorry that I missed out on getting a rose for Mom, who died in 1981 and is buried in Detroit. It would probably wilt by the time I brought it to her.

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