Saturday, April 11, 2015

Quick on the Draw

Although they all have their sights set on being the GOP’s presidential nominee, at the recent National Rifle Association gathering in Nashville, some of the contenders have begun aiming their verbal shots on another target — Hillary Rodham Clinton. They, of the slow moving, plodding elephant-symbol herd, along with many left-leaning feminists, truly believe that Hillary will proclaim herself to be the self-anointed one for the Democratic Party, whose symbol is of a braying ass.

This NRA shindig took place on Friday, April 10th, two days before Hillary made her formal announcement to run. This was two hundred eighty two (282) days before the Iowa Caucus takes place on January 18, 2016, and five hundred seventy seven (577) days before the November 8, 2016 general election for a new king or queen.

The GOP candidates were acting their all-American parts to win the support of the primarily non-liberal members of the Irrational Rifle Association (The IRA). They kept to the same script as they ranted and raved, with Jeb of the Bush royalty decrying, "the liberal, progressive worldview of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder, and all of the other people who want to take the guns out of the hands of the good guys."

Long-shot Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, said, "The reality is the 2016 campaign is going to be between elitism and populism. Hillary Clinton has already made it clear she'll be on the side of elitism."

Former Texas governor Rick Perry, frantically waved his arms about while loudly criticizing” our failed foreign policy.”

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, focused in on his audience, when talking about those running the government. “The president has wielded human tragedy in an attempt to subvert our rights," said Rubio. "The sins of the evil do not justify restricting the rights of the good."

Poor old Hillary, who will have reached the wizened age sixty-nine on election day, will have her own shot at would-be GOP opponents after her Sunday’s proclamation. She is already looking more presidential than the GOP contenders, but what are the odds that there be any Democratic challengers to her throne?

Does it really matter who the next person will be to mismanage our country, and are you strong enough mentally to withstand nineteen months of pre-election narishkeyt — nonsense?

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