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In the 2014-15 National Basketball Association Championship, the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers four games to two, and won their first title since 1975.

The following season, 2015-16, they seemed even more potent setting a record starting the season 24-0. They had just begun setting records, and set a new record winning an astonishing seventy-three regular season games.

The Warriors made it to the 2015-16 NBA title match once again, and were leading the Cavaliers three games to one, winning game four on Cleveland’s home court. If they won game five, they would repeat as champions, and people were talking about a Warriors’ dynasty. The Warriors were playing game five in the friendly confines of their home court, where they had amassed a 39-2 record at home during the regular season.

Draymond Green 6’7”, 230-lb. man-child of twenty-five semi-mature years, had developed a bad habit on the basketball court. After too many plays, he would either kick his nearest opponent in the groin, or make a grab for that anatomical area.

Coach Steve Kerr and Warrior teammates dismissed it as being Green’s aggressive, winning style of playing. Unfortunately, the NBA and its referees did not agree.

As long the Warriors stayed focused and let nothing distract them, they were already planning another victory parade around Oakland’s Lake Merritt. However, Green’s crotch-kicking peccadillo was about to be recognized.

Green was suspended after receiving a flagrant foul 1 for his actions in Game 4. Green and Cleveland’s LeBron James got tangled and when Green fell to the court, he swung his arm and appeared to make contact with James' groin area.

That was Green’s fourth flagrant foul point of the playoffs, which carries an automatic suspension. He was docked a game paycheck, which cost him about $140,000. Earlier in the postseason, Green was assessed a flagrant 2 and fined $25,000 for kicking the Oklahoma City Thunder center between the legs.

Not only did Green’s suspension throw the Warriors off track, but with their number one center Andrew Bogut injured and out of the lineup, his two replacements combined for only one point and one rebound in his absence.

As if the Green hex had spread to the entire starting lineup, the potent splash brothers, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, hardly made a ripple with their shooting in game seven. Curry had averaged 30.1 points and Thompson 22.1 points during the regular season, but in the Warriors’ final game, Curry managed to score only seventeen points on six for nineteen shooting (.316), and Klay sunk just six of seventeen shots (.353), for fourteen points.

The Warriors had been out of sync since Green’s fifth game suspension, although in game seven, he contributed mightily, albeit two games too late, amassing thirty-two points, fifteen rebounds and nine assists.

Green’s salary for the 2016-17 season is $15,330,435, and in September 2015, he generously gave $3.1 million to his alma mater’s athletic department. As a Michigan State alum, Green was in his old college town, when in the early hours of July 10, he admitted to slapping a 185-lb. Spartan football cornerback. After the altercation, Green allegedly uttered, “Do you know who I am? I pay for ni**gas like you scholarships.” Afterwards, Green issued a statement saying, “As a public figure, I just can’t put myself in certain situations. It’s something I’ll learn from and just move on.” Hopefully “on” and not “up.”

Green agreed to a plea deal, where charges against him were reduced to a noise violation, which allowed him to avoid jail time. However, he was burdened with a $500 fine and a $60 restitution fee, which if you look at his salary, that is equivalent to a few minutes of his playing time salary. His attorney said that this is “akin to a parking ticket.”

At 3:55 am PST on December 22, 2016, Draymond Jamal Green Jr. was born, and it is rumored that he entered the world kicking and screaming. Time will tell whether he will carry on his father’s tradition, and for how long.

Apparently, the famed Duke University basketball team has at least one player who is trying to emulate Green’s activity. On December 21, Grayson Allen was suspended from the team, one day after deliberately tripping an opponent for the third time in a year. Allen was quoted as saying, 'There’s no excuse for it.” If he wants to make it in the pros, he will have to sets his sights higher.

In their first meeting since the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors on June 19, 2016 in Oakland to win the NBA Championship, the two teams met in Cleveland on Christmas Day.

Two-and-one-half minutes into the game, Green had thrown the ball away and fouled two Cleveland players while they were shooting. After his second foul, Green lost it, was given a technical foul, and was screaming as he headed toward the Warrior bench. He was grabbed by teammates trying to calm him and avoid a second technical, and an automatic ejection.

Kyrie Irving of the Cavs scored a point as he made the technical free throw.
That one point was the difference in the Warriors loss to the Cavs, 108-109.

When will he ever learn, when will he learn?  .....apologies to Pete Seeger.

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