Tuesday, March 7, 2017

THIS & THAT  #21


Unfortunately, it appears that most of his people are on a
similar learning curve. It seems too steep for some of them to
understand and follow with a degree of professionalism.

Donald is learning what it means, and takes, to be the President. His foray into on-the-job training, has been a confusing array of “What do I do next?” actions.

He shoots from the hip, but unlike gunslingers of the Old 
West, who first loaded their weapons with the right ammo, Donald just sets his sight on his enemy of the moment, and lets loose with a barrage of questionable shots.

His specious savants heavily involved in media relations,
then attempt to explain his actions in a way that might be understood solely by a decreasing number of the 62, 979, 636 Americans who voted for “The Boss.” Sorry, Bruce, but Donald has taken that title away from you both with his actions, and inactions.

On a personal note, a retired man living in the State of Washington, who worked hard to get Donald elected, gave up on him within three weeks of DJ becoming President. There’s a good chance that there may be others who became similarly disillusioned with his actions.

The blind are leading the blind, as witnessed by his media relations entourage, who are keen to follow their leader on blaming the media, for all of the mess his administration is in.

Today, Benjamin Solomon Carson, Sr., the current U. S. Secretary Of Housing and Urban Development, described slaves as immigrants. The man lacks the intelligence (seykhl or common sense) and diplomacy of Benjamin (Franklin),
and the wisdom of Solomon, but after the media quoted him directly from a video, he had the audacity to say, “It’s really kind of sad what the media has degenerated into.”

When confronted by the enemy — the media — he released a statement defending his earlier words, and expressed pride in the courage and perseverance of African Americans.

What’s truly sad is what this administration and its appointees have degenerated into, and give them credit, they did it in less than the First One Hundred Days in office.


  1. I'm sure those poor slaves in shackles considered themselves immigrates at they were being beaten by the masters of the house.

  2. Andre March 8, 2017 330PM

    I think most of us occasionally utter things we haven't
    adequately considered, and when we do, we usually backtrack,
    apologize, and try to ensure we don't make such hasty
    proclamations again. Our current president's team members,
    however, seem to have been selected based on their ability to
    say stupid things. Then, when someone has the audacity to
    point that out, they erupt in equally foolish rejoiners that
    further confuse the issue.