Wednesday, May 3, 2017



Hillary and Elizabeth are not on my “Yes I Really Trust” list; in fact there are only two women I do completely trust.

One is my wife and the other is my daughter. There are only two men on that list including the man who should have been president — Bernie — and our local supervisor, John Leopold.

I have been told unconditionally to never contact one of my former far-right friends of some sixty-seven years, who believes that the current President is the greatest thing that happened to American Jews since Kraft began making low-fat Kosher Crème Cheese.

Our country is divided into many areas including by race, wealth, politics, religion, country-of-origin, sexual orientation, and sex. It is in the latter category that today I have been pestered by letters and news coverage from and about female want-to-be leaders, (or wanted-to-be leaders), who are neither my wife nor my daughter.

In today’s news, Hillary is placing most of the blame for her loss on either Putin’s people or on Comey’s belated pre-election pronouncements. There’s little reference to the inept DNC, Debby’s improper and biased actions, and Clinton’s advisors convoluted and misguided pre-election campaign activities.

Yesterday’s mail brought in a financial request allegedly from the DSCC, but only after carefully examining the four-page pitch, was I able to discover that those initials represented the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. The letter described the group as a “grassroots network of fired-up progressives just like you,” which is an interesting assumption and presumption, since I never signed an oath to be one of them.

In reality, the DSCC seems to be an organization primarily for and about Elizabeth. The addressee on the envelope is Elizabeth, ELIZABETH WARREN, DSCC. The letterhead reads “FROM THE DESK OF ELIZABETH WARREN,” and it is signed by Elizabeth, above the words “Senator Elizabeth Warren.” The enclosed pledge card has a photograph of a smiling Liz, with her arm raised in an acceptable winner’s pose, in front of a banner with a field of stars.

Come on Liz, you are campaigning for President, so why not be honest and say so?

Full Disclosure: I have overtly supported three candidates whom I once believed in: Eugene McCarthy in 1968, Bernie Sanders in 2016, and was totally misguided in 2008   when I sent moneys to support a dishonest John Edwards.

It is from what I learned in that latter experience, Liz, that you are not going to entrap me into supporting you or your DSCC, so please remove my name from your mailing list.

You have inspired me to send a check to John Leopold, and to finally sit in the sun and begin reading Bernie’s book, Our Revolution.

Where we are at today is personified by what is on television at this very moment. On one channel is the Jerry Springer Show, featuring three women who were convinced to see what they could do together in a bubble bath. The parallel is on another channel where Sean Spicer is bending the truth about three other entities; Donald, Chuck and the Democrats, and Mitch and the GOP. Perhaps those three would be able to make America Great Again, while sitting together in an oversized bathtub. They had better do so sooner than later, before Liz demands to be squeezed in.

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