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It’s quite apropos that the National Basketball Association 2017 Championship was won by the GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS. The NBA, the media, retailers, and a plethora of other entities are extremely engaged with making money through their connection with professional sports.

After the Warriors victory, many quickly and deftly found a tie in to the team, and to their desire to gather the gold for themselves while they may.

Speaking of gold, the owners of the Golden State Warriors have found that investing in this particular NBA team has been a gold-send for them. They purchased the team in 2010 for $450 million, and today the Warriors are worth $2.6 billion.

Loyalty to Whom?
Although the Warriors regularly sell out the 19,596 seats at all of their home games in the Oracle Arena in Oakland, the owners are taking their organization across The Bay to the now-being-built Chase Arena in San Francisco. Apparently, there’s more gold in them thar hills to mine for, and after they have left their loyal, and already despondent East Bay fans, there’s a good-as-gold chance that the Golden State Warriors will once again become the San Francisco Warriors. That was their name when they arrived in San Francisco in 1962, shedding their Philadelphia Warriors moniker.

Everything’s For Sale   
One local newspaper spent the entire NBA season digging deeply for even the most inane story to keep its readers “informed” of most everything concerning the Warriors. The San Jose Mercury News, a “homer” newspaper, had four or five writers covering every aspect of the team, and most always in a positive manner.

They’ve written about Kevin Durant’s mother, Stephen Curry’s wife, the coach’s physical problems, and why they should easily win the championship once they signed Kevin Durant — which they did.

The Warriors television broadcast team, does an even better job promoting the team, even regularly quoting how many are on the season ticket waiting list, and artfully describing what awaits the true Warrior fan. Remember that “fan” is short for “fanatic.”

You Can Count on the Media Coverage,
But Does the Coverage Really Count?
When the Warriors won the fourth and final game of the championship series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the local media were truly excited and effusive, as they offered stories to fit most every reader’s appetite. “Durant soaks up every minute,” “Best of the best,” “Will the Warriors give Trump a cold shoulder,” “Curry, Durant want to keep the team together,” “DYNASTY DÉJÀ VU,” and “Should the Warriors make nice with Trump?”

One such headline prompted a letters-to-the-editor campaign. It read “Curry still has no interest in visiting Trump White House,” and readers took both sides of the subject. What was the team’s obligation to represent the people of the Bay Area? One, sensible and esteemed columnist intelligently wrote that the White House visit mainly matters to politicians and others of a similar ilk, that just seek coverage of themselves in the media, and the opportunity to fill their selfies albums — if that’s where people store their selfies.

The newspaper’s editorial board inserted their own opinion to show that with all of the Trump-induced turmoil in our land, that they could see the positivity the team brought to the Bay Area, with a headline that read, “Warriors show how to be a winner.”

After the Team Won, the Media Won
As Did a Plethora of Advertisers
While the newspaper was filled with stories and photographs, it was also inundated with advertising from the media, local advertisers, and the trophy sellers.

The Mercury-News unabashedly ran a series of heart-tugging advertisements including a half-page, four-color one, entitled “DUB NATION, a high-quality, full color reprint of the winning front page. PURCHASE TODAY.” A sub-headline screamed, “Immortalize the winning moment!” offering the buyer a rare opportunity to preserve history, and enable the paper to gather in some additional gold.

Fans could get even more according to another half-page, four-color advertisement. For only $24.95  “Get your limited hardcover edition celebrating the 2017 championship season.” It contained (or eventually will contain) 128 full-color glossy pages. In smaller print it reminds the faithful they will also have to also pay tax and shipping.

Not to be outdone by the print media, NBC Sports Bay Area Television, ran a full-page advertisement telling loyal supporters to watch the victory parade on their station, “The Home of the Authentic Warriors Fan.” No phony phans need watch!

On June 18, the Mercury News ran a 16-page section lauding the team’s accomplishments, and not to be left out, KOHL’S ran a half-page, full-color advertisement, with an overwhelming headline, “DUBS WIN! Get Your Championship Gear at Kohl’s and” AT&T, which charges too much for its inefficient services ran a full-page advertisement with the headline, “A dynasty is born.” The entire page sixteen lauded the team with, “CONGRATS WARRIORS. NBA CHAMPS AGAIN! YOU MAKE THE BAY AREA PROUD!” It was graciously signed, “From the Champions of pest control, Pacific Coast Termite.”

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