Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I May Drink to That
That 16-page section on June 18, described in THIS & THAT #25, also ran advertisements from two prominent exchanges, which have already devoted their artistic talent making memory-inducing, commemorative items including those on both Obama and Trump. The Bradford Exchange offered a Warriors limited edition,  “sculpted porcelain beer stein you’d be proud to own, for “four convenient installments of $32.49 each, or $129.99. Then, in small, almost unreadable type far below “Plus a total of $17.99 shipping and service.” This edition is limited to only 5,000 steins, and “The earliest orders receive coveted lowest edition numbers.”
Think I have waited too long to acquire a lower numbered stein, and that’s the severe price I have to pay for prolonged procrastinating.

Give the Winners a Trophy 
A few pages later, Bradford advertised a copy of the “2017 NBA FINALS CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY.” They say, “It’s a slam dunk” at just $99.99, but best order now since this “officially licensed collectible tribute is limited to 10,000 worldwide, so don’t wait to order.”
But don’t forget the $14.99 for shipping and service. Are there truly 10,000 people worldwide clamoring for this rare item?

A...They're Adorable
On page 15, is the darling of the collectibles, with a “Warriors Win!” headline, it should get many Warrior fans emotionally involved when they see two adorable five-year-olds less than 6-inches high, in fine bisque porcelain and labeled “Special Event Keepsake, cheers on the reigning NBA Champions!” This memento has “Together We’re A Winning Team!” on its base. This ties into the syrupy body copy in the advertisement, “From opening tip off to the final buzzer, you and your sweetie teamed up to cheer on your Golden State Warriors.”
This Hamilton Exchange piece of art is offered for “just four installments of $24.99,” plus $13 for shipping and service.

 Staying on Track
There are two more precious items offered including a 2017 NBA Finals Champions Express, including a model diesel locomotive, 14-piece track set, power pack, and speed controller, with “Strength In Numbers” printed on its side.  It’s available for only $79.99 from Bradford, plus $9.99 shipping and service.

There should be no doubt in your mind that the most-wanted remembrance will be the Warriors 2017 NBA Championship Levitating Basketball, a steal at $179.99, plus $21.99 shipping and handling. The Bradford Exchange offers the buyer a wonderful opportunity to “help keep the thrill going all year around,” and you can “show your loyalty and pride with this commemorative sculpture featuring a basketball that hovers and spins in mid-air.” They remind the potential buyer that “Time is of the essence,” since only 10,000 will be available.

As for me, since I never had a Lionel Train Set in my youth, I am seriously thinking of acquiring the Champions Express. First off, it’s the least expensive of all mementos for sale, and secondly I would be in charge of running it, if my wife allows me to do so.

She just reminded me that I already am the proud owner of free, bright yellow, XL size tee shirt with the words ALL GOLD EVERYTHING FINALS 2017 emblazoned in faded grey type on the front. You can find that story on THIS & THAT #24.

So why should I be greedy? Although owning a genuine Warriors choo-choo train would certainly impress my neighbor, however then I’d have to invite him in my home for the first time ever to view it in action, with me at the controls. Best to leave well enough alone for now, and just wear the XL tee shirt with pride as nightwear, or let it help fill my dresser drawer until next year’s season begins, which is less than six months away.

Time flies when you are a winner, not a whiner.

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